Bentgrass as a home lawn

I have been noticing from this weeks phone calls that trend may be emerging in the bay area. Bentgrass. It is now being requested by homeowners as their lawn of choice. Some of these customers have gone online to research its characteristics. We here at very seldom sell Bentgrass to homeowners unless it is to create a putting green for their own yard. This got me to thinking, what might the reason be.

Campaigning, who is telling people this is a good residential lawn for CA. Perhaps the lawn maintenance person who cares for your lawn would like to take a few more weekly hours on your lawn because of its high maintenance qualities. Then in one case there was a friend who recommended it after putting in their own yard. Very nice, the weather is cool enough currently, but during out blistering summer heat stretches, this poor lawn will require much more water than a traditional fescue lawn. Higher water bills in the future for you also. So unless you feel the utmost desire to be totally devoted to your lawn and its needs, perhaps we  can  help you choose a type of lawn better adapted for your lifestyle.

I have left a link here to those wonderful geniuses at UC Davis whom have already filtered out the characteristics of Bentgrass. Feel free to read up on it for yourself.

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