Fertilizing/Weed Control

  • NOW is the time!

    Contrary to popular belief, pre-emergent weed killers don't destroy weeds and their seeds. They simply stop them from growing. Some seeds are known to last 10 - 20 years, so if the herbicide isn't applied each year, the weed will grow.

    The question for pre-emergent weed killers is when to apply them.
    Pre-emergent herbicides only work if they are applied to your lawn before the weed's growth period. But if applied too early, weather will dilute the herbicide and the weed will grow unencumbered.

    Now is the time for pre-emergent application for summer weeds, because usually now is when average soil temperatures reach above 60 degrees. Major summer weeds like crabgrass or clover will only emerge once the soil is consistently over this temperature.

  • Post emergent

    Those of us that have a lawn that is a bit more mature are getting ready for the use of post-emergent weed control. This should control weeds while allowing your grass to grow. (In theory) I was at my local warehouse store and noticed the arrival of these products. Make sure that you check the bag for temperature controls, because February is still too cold and early to apply them. As a rule of thumb the ground temperature needs to be at least 65 degrees. Don’t jump the gun on this one, and waste your funds.

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