• Get Sod & Show Your Home Off

    For many, our homes are our investment.

    When we put hard work into our homes, we want to show them off. In the end, we want to make sure everything about the looks of the home is aesthetically pleasing.

    Sometimes, though, our hard work can be foiled by our grass.

    Whether it’s the fact that the grass won’t grow strong or the grass is starting to die, it can really put a damper on your landscaping efforts.

    Avoid this letdown and find a solution. Invest in sod for your yard.

    Lay It & Forget It

    Once the sod has been installed, however, you can forget about all of the bald or dead spots on your grass.

    Your yard will look healthier and stronger when the sod has been applied.

    Sod will also keep your yard and the air surrounding it cooler if you decide to show it off on a hot summer day.

    If you have people over, don’t worry if a little precipitation pops up and tries to ruin your day.

    Sod will not create any mud. If you are under a tent on the grass, you won’t have to worry about your or your guest’s shoes.

    Before you send out the invitations, keep in mind that it takes a few weeks for the sod to come in as well as germinate.

    SodLawn specializes in providing fresh and beautiful lawn sod for residential and commercial properties.

    With numerous varieties to choose from, our sod can help give you the lawn you’ve always wanted.

    For more information on our products or our installation options, feel free to contact us today!

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