U.S. Bank Stadium Recycles Over 100,000 Square Feet of Sod

U.S. Bank Stadium Recycles Over 100,000 Square Feet of SodFresh, healthy sod isn’t just prized by homeowners for its affordability and ease of installation; it’s well-loved by many professional athletes as well. Quality sod can make or break an athlete’s experience on the field. Likewise, when stadiums have especially good sod, teams take notice.

Such is the case at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis – home of the Minnesota Vikings. In addition to being one of the most modern stadiums in the NFL, U.S. Bank Stadium is known for having particularly nice sod on its field. Earlier this year, the sod received rave reviews from two of the world’s top soccer times after they played an exhibition game at the stadium. In particular, the players remarked on the fact that the sod is much firmer and more comfortable than in many other stadiums they’ve played at.

This got the stadium’s owners thinking. Why not harvest the sod and sell it to be recycled at other sports venues? And so, just 12 hours after the soccer game that sparked the idea, they recruited a local turf company to help them remove 101,000 square feet of sod from the field.

Unsurprisingly, the stadium got its fair share of requests from homeowners for strips of the sod. Because it’s grown in sand rather than soil, however, the sod is better suited to sports fields than front lawns. It also takes far more water to maintain than residential sod. But in spite of these practical considerations, there are probably plenty of Vikings fans who would still love to take a piece of the famous turf home with them.

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