What is a credit card pre-authorization hold for an online order?

A pre-authorization hold just confirms that funds are available on your credit or debit card. This will verify the projected sale amount is available on your credit card.

Once you place an order, SodLawn contacts your bank to confirm the funds are available. Your bank then holds the funds until the entire transaction processes or the authorization expires. Your card has not actually been charged yet, it's just pre-authorized.

We recommend getting in touch with your bank or credit card company if you would like to find out more about the timeframe you can expect.


Capture is the second step of the pre-authorization process. Sodlawn uses the original approval code from the pre-authorization code received at the time the order was processed.

What happens to the bank pre-authorization hold when an order is cancelled?

If you cancel your order, the pre-authorization is released by SodLawn immediately and removed from your bank account based on the policies of your bank. Please contact your bank for more information on this.

Why was my card declined?

Sodlawn electronically requests approval from your bank/credit card issuer to authorize your purchase. If your credit card is declined, here are some of the reasons why:

  • The address you entered in doesn’t match the billing information that the bank/credit card company has on file for you (address and zip code).
  • You entered your card number, expiration date or 3-digit code incorrectly.
  • You exceeded a daily limit set by the bank/credit card company for internet transactions.
  • If the card was declined due to an agreement with your bank/credit card company about transaction limits, call your bank and have them raise the spending limit per day.
  • If the card was declined due to entering the wrong card information, you should have no trouble placing your order again on SodLawn.com.