Sacramento Sod Varieties

Sacramento has hot dry summers and mild wet winters. Our most popular sods in the Sacramento area are the Bolero Plus and 90-10 fescue hybrids. With these varieties it is possible to have a healthy green lawn all year long. We also grow several notable sod types for unique circumstances and applications.


Bolero™ (100% dwarf fescue)

Bolero dwarf fescue is our signature turf and is ideal for Northern California climates.

  • Prefers full sun
  • Excellent in high traffic areas or athletic fields
  • Heat and drought tolerant


Bolero Plus™ (90% Bolero, 10% Bluegrass)

Same great qualities of Bolero™ with the addition of Bluegrass and a few great advantages.

  • Better Density
  • Faster wear recovery
  • Better wintering


90-10 Tall Fescue (90% Tall Fescue, 10% Bluegrass)

  • Stands up better to high traffic areas
  • Adapts to shade and sun
  • Good color, low maintenance

90-10 FescueElite Plus (90% Dwarf Fescue 10% Kentucky Bluegrass)

  • Quick growth habit for high traffic areas
  • Drought tolerant
  • Green year round


Blue-Rye (50% Bluegrass, 50% Premium Ryegrass)

  • Grows well in sandy or clay soil
  • Dark blue green color year round
  • Heat and drought tolerant


Bluegrass (Four-way Bluegrass Blend)

  • Quick healing from traffic and machine damage
  • Crowds out weeds
  • Uniform growth and dark green color
  • Requires more frequent waterings

tifway419Tifway 419 (Hybrid Bermuda)

  • Stands up better to high traffic areas
  • Adapts to shade and sun
  • Good color, low maintenance
  • Mowing height as low as 1/2″ to 3/4″

dominantplusBentgrass (Two distinct blends available)

  • Penncross or SR Dominant available
  • Specifically developed for golf tees and putting greens
  • Excellent for other lawn sport activities


Special Shade Blend

  • Specifically designed for up to 40% daily shade amounts
  • Will also do full sun
  • Contains tall fescue blended with a combination of shade blends
  • Highly suitable for erosion control on slopes


  • Blend of sheeps, hard and creeping red fescue
  • Creates a meadow-like look
  • Good shade resistance
  • Can be left unmowed if desired
  • Works well on slopes and unmowed roughs on golf courses

nativebentgrassNative Bentgrass

  • Dune bentgrass is a slower growing robust plant with medium blades
  • Establishes well on many soil types
  • Grows in full or filtered sunlight
  • Aggressive creeping growth habit results in dense mowable lawn

celebrationCelebration Bermuda

  • Blue-green color and fine bladed appearance
  • Celebration makes a great first impression.
  • Lower maintenance and high performance qualities.
  • Used for playgrounds, baseball, soccer and residential.