Lawn Diseases

Your lawn deserves just as much TLC as the rest of your landscaping. Without proper maintenance and care, your grassy areas could fall prey to lawn diseases that can make your sod unhealthy and unsightly. Don’t let your lawn fall by the wayside because you don’t have the time or energy to maintain it. Here are some simple tips to help protect your lawn.

Water – Finding the Right Balance

Watering your lawn is an integral component of maintaining a healthy green glow. A lack of water can stress your lawn, making it more susceptible to disease. On the other end of the spectrum, too much water can weaken grasses as well, leaving it open to rot and fungal diseases. Find the right balance, depending on your sod variety and local conditions, to maintain the appropriate moisture level of your lawn.

Fungus Amongus

If it seems like you can’t win the battle between maintaining your lawn and preventing diseases, SodLawn is here to help. Common lawn diseases such as Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Rust and Fusarium are each caused by different kinds of fungus. These can be controlled with fungicides, with the most at-risk time for lawns falling from June through August.


Lawn moths, cut worms and grubs are also very common. These lawn bugs are best controlled using insecticide granules that can be spread in the lawn. Insects have a slightly longer active period than lawn fungi, and insecticides should be used to prevent pests starting in May and running through September.

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