Mowing Your Lawn

Mowing your lawn is a must-do on your outdoor chore list, especially during the growing season. It’s an essential maintenance task that will keep your lawn well-groomed and looking its best. Those with a green thumb typically enjoy mowing their lawn while others might not have the time or energy, so they hire professional landscapers to do the job for them. As long as your lawn is cut properly and regularly, you will have no problem boasting a visually appealing residential or commercial property.

Starting to follow a regular mowing schedule is important shortly after your new sod is installed and implanted. New sod should absorb all of its initial watering for one to two days before you begin to consider mowing. Depending on the speed of growth of your lawn, your first mow should be performed within 10 days to two weeks of installation. If you wait too long, your lawn could receive too much shade and/or sun, and cause blade widening. The first mow should be done with the mower set to its highest setting, and you can lower a setting with each subsequent mow down to a height of 2 inches.

More Mowing Recommendations

  • It’s important to never remove more than one third of the grass blades’ length while mowing.
  • Keeping your lawn mower blades sharp prevents bruising and torn grass.
  • Weekly mowing is essential, especially during the growing season.
  • Don’t have time to mow the lawn? Hire a landscaper!

If you have any additional questions about mowing techniques or products to use on your new sod lawn, give us a call today.