Weed Control

You look out your window to the lawn you just cut no more than three days ago, and feel proud of the work you’ve done. Your lawn looks healthy, it smells fresh, and has … weeds?

If you’re tired of spending your valuable time after work mowing your lawn each week only to see unsightly weeds pop up, it’s time to do something about it. Fortunately, we at SodLawn have a solution for you.

Control Pesky Weeds

Regular watering, mowing and fertilizing are basic lawn maintenance tasks that can help to control unsightly weeds. However, there are chemical remedies that will also aid in controlling weeds in a mature lawn (one that has seen three to four mowings) before they pop up, as well as post-emergent solutions for grassy or broadleaf weeds.

Pre-emergent herbicides can be used to keep crabgrass, spurge and approximately 35 other weed varieties out of your lawn. These treatments should initially be applied during late winter/early spring. Should your lawn ever become damaged or have bare spots, reseed or sod immediately to prevent competitive weed growth from taking hold in these dead zones. You should also be sure to check the labels of the products you buy as some chemicals are temperature sensitive and may not work as well in cold temperatures.

To learn about additional ways you can prevent weeds from stealing your landscape’s thunder, call SodLawn today! We can recommend the best, highest quality weed control chemicals, herbicides and other products to use. Call us today at 888-763-5296.

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