Sod in Redding, CA

For homeowners and business owners in the Redding, California area, SodLawn has a variety of sod options that will suit you personal needs as well as your climate and environment.

We provide sod installation for all types of outdoor spaces, including parks, fields, homes and businesses. With a wide variety of sod types available, we can help you select the ideal Redding area sod for your needs, ensuring your sod remains beautiful and healthy from season to season.
Selecting sod that will grow in the soil, water, temperature and sun conditions of your area is the key to maintaining a healthy and durable lawn. We can help you choose sod that will thrive in your space, whether it be shady or has a lot of sun.

Different sod types also do best in different types of soil, which is why there are so many different sod options available in Redding. From sandy soil to thick, rich soil, SodLawn can rejuvenate any outdoor space with fresh sod.

We supply sod for residential areas, from small, scenic front lawns to sprawling back yards, municipal parks, ball fields, schools and more. Whether you are looking for tough sod that will grow back easily after a strenuous soccer game or you are looking for gorgeous, deep green sod that will make your front lawn look beautiful, we will find a sod variety that suits your needs and will grow well in your area.

Contact us to learn more about the different types of grass sod for sale in Redding, California, and arrange sod delivery and sod installation around your schedule.

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