Bolero™ Fescue Sod

Bolero SodFinally a Dwarf Fescue sod you want to walk Barefoot on!

The result of over five years of research and development with one of Oregon’s leading plant breeders, is proud to offer its new signature turf, Bolero™ dwarf fescue from Delta Bluegrass. What distinguishes Bolero™ dwarf fescue from other fescues is that Bolero™ has its origin in the Mediterranean Latitudes. This distinction makes Bolero™ ideally suited for California climates. The fine bluegrass-like texture is clearly evident in this “custom-made” premium dwarf fescue turf. Unlike the tight mowing features of our Blue-Rye blend, Bolero™ should be mowed to a height of 1 1/2 to 2 inches. For those settings which require and exquisite, dark blue-green appearance, superb drought and heat tolerance, excellent disease resistance, and low maintenance, deep-rooted Bolero™ is the preferred choice

Bolero™ is a pure dwarf fescue that:

  • Is slower growing
  • Provides fewer clippings
  • Offers superior disease resistance
  • Is drought and heat tolerant
  • Adds fine bluegrass-like texture to any landscape

Made of 100% Bolero™ Dwarf Fescue