Terms and Conditions

All blends are subject to availability. All prices are subject to change. All prices are subject to any state and/or local sales tax.  All delivery prices are subject to change.

 All orders must be paid for before order is processed and ordered.  Ordering customers are responsible to provide SodLawn with square footage of sod to be delivered and we will advise you to the nearest square footage quantity we are able to cut and deliver.

Placing an order is subject to truck availability. Please place orders at least 2-5 days in advance of delivery. Changes made to any order need to be completed before 9:00 am the day prior to delivery. 

It is the customers’ total responsibility to notify SodLawn if there are any problems getting a large delivery truck (60 ft) to their location. If the delivery truck cannot access the customers’ location to deliver the sod, SodLawn will only act as a median of information between our partners/growers/supplier to seek resolution. The partner/grower/supplier can offer a resolution to the customer if they desire. In no way does the non delivery of goods, because of non-access or un-safe access with the delivery truck, change the fact that SodLawn is entitled to full payment for the particular undeliverable order.

Delivery times cannot be requested or guaranteed.  Delivery times are subject to change at any time for any reason. This could include truck breakdowns, weigh station delays, or traffic. Reimbursement or compensation of any type will not be given if delivery is not made during the time frame given nor will SodLawn reimburse for standby time of labor if delivery is late or is unable to deliver.  Delivery times can range from 2am-2pm in the day. It is rare that orders go as late as 2 pm and we strive to get all orders delivered before 12pm, however routing/trucking are constantly changing day by day and our trucking is influenced by many outside forces, like traffic. Please be patient if your delivery is subjected to a late delivery time.

Deliveries are made curbside.  Deliveries will be made to the closest available area to the address as possible and we do not guarantee location of delivery at property if we do not have access to deliver with our forklifts.  If the owner of the property would like delivery made on the property with the forklift, a release of liability must be signed and sent in no later than the day before at 11am. If this deadline is missed and the property owner would like to wait for the truck driver to show up they are able to sign a release of liability at time of delivery.  Truck driver/delivery drivers will not call owner or look for owner at time of delivery.

Courtesy delivery time emails are generally made to the customer for delivery and install of the sod the day before at around 3:30pm, but if the courtesy call the day before is not made or our message left for you is not received, delivery will still be made on the date order.

Orders may not be canceled after 4:00 pm two working days prior to the delivery date. For Deliveries on Monday, cancellation are due 4:00 pm the Friday before.   To cancel an order you must talk to a Sodlawn representative directly over the phone. No cancellations can be made via email, text, voice mail or fax. Office hours are Monday-Friday 8-5pm.

When inclement weather occurs, occasionally the farms are unable to harvest; SodLawn or Partner/Grower/Supplier will place the orders on the next available shipment going out to your area. The customer does have the ability to cancel the order at time of inclement weather. 

Occasional break downs happen with all mechanical equipment. SodLawn or Partner/Grower/Supplier will strive to get your order delivered to you on the day you requested delivery.  If your order cannot be delivered on that date your order will be put on the next available shipment going out to your area. If the order is not delivered that day because of mechanical equipment failure a credit will be given for the order amount only.  No further compensation will be given for lost time or wages.

A person with authority must be present at the time of installation.

SodLawn and our partner/grower/supplier reserve the right to delay an order.

Pictures must be provided for problems related to your sod and/or installation. Once the pictures are reviewed we will determine whether or not we need to involve the partner/grower/supplier which was used for the particular sod order in question. The product is guaranteed to be weed and disease free by the partner/growers/suppliers. We will work with you only if the problem is directly related to the sod and/or their installation. If problems arise with the order/sod quality immediately call SodLawn and we will begin a trouble ticket. If a trouble ticket is not opened within a 24-48 hour of the install it becomes very difficult to resolve problems if left unattended.  We are acting only as the median of information from the partner/growers/suppliers for our customer.

 When an order is processed with SodLawn the customer accepts and agrees in full to these terms and conditions, our order process, our visitors agreements, and must abide by our sod care guide, or one provided by the grower/supplier.

Limitation of Liability: In no event shall SodLawn be liable for any damages (including but not limited to loss of anticipated profits) in connection with or arising from all SodLawn products and services, and/or all partners/growers/suppliers products and services, including, but not limited to the furnishing, functioning, use, distribution or marketing of any related item or service provided by SodLawn or Partner/Grower/Supplier.