Which Grasses Grow Best In Shade?

April 2, 2020 ● Lawn Care

Do you have a lot of shade in your yard? If so, you’re going to need to think long and hard about what kind of grass you grow in it. If you pick grass that needs a lot of sun to flourish, you are obviously going to run into big problems when you plant it in the shade.

Fortunately, there are a few different types of grass that will grow in the shade if your yard has numerous trees in it. It will be important for you to remember that you will need to give extra TLC to grass that grows in the shade. Since it doesn’t get a lot of sun, if any, it can be difficult for it to rebound from heavy traffic or overwatering. But by planting these types of grass, you can maintain your lawn despite the shady conditions.

St. Augustine Grass

For those who live in coastal areas, St. Augustine grass is a great option. Specifically, the Seville, Delmar, and Captiva varieties of St. Augustine grass will usually have no problem growing in the shade. And the good thing about St. Augustine grass is that it also handles the sun well, if necessary. So if you have a yard that is shaded in some areas but has full sun exposure in others, you won’t have to worry about your St. Augustine grass wilting away.

Manila Grass

For those who live in hot, dry areas of the country, Manila grass is probably your best bet. St. Augustine grass also works well in these conditions, but Manila grass does, too, because it can deal with the heat effectively. Even if your grass is in the shade, it’s still going to get a lot of heat and Manila grass won’t have any problem managing it.

Kentucky Bluegrass

You’ll need to be careful here, because not all Kentucky Bluegrass performs well in the shade. But for those who live in cold and wet climates, the Glade, Coventry, Moonlight, Showcase, Brilliant, Liberator, Nuggett, and Quantum varieties of Kentucky Bluegrass are known for handling the shade. Just try not to overwater shaded grass if you live in an area that gets a lot of rain since it could lead moss to grow.

Growing grass in a shaded yard can be very challenging. If you need help putting down sod in a shady area or maintaining it once it’s down, SodLawn is here to help. Call us at 888-763-5296 today to learn how we can help you get the grass you’re looking for in your yard.