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Lawn Care / May 08, 2024

The Cost of Sod Installation in Los Angeles

Los Angeles folks love a quick yard makeover, and sod’s their secret weapon. It turns drab to fab overnight, fitting perfectly with our sunny vibes and water-wise ways. The price? It swings depending on the grass type, yard size, and prep needed. Picking the right sod means weighing LA’s unique climate and soil. Wondering about….

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Lawn Care / Apr 10, 2024

The Cost of Sod Installation in Sacramento (2024)

In Sacramento, picking the right sod matters. Why? Our hot summers and cool winters mean not all grass types cut it. Cost-wise, it’s all about the grass you choose, how much you need, and getting it laid down right. So with that being said, let’s dive into making your sod work in Sacramento without breaking….

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Lawn Care / Mar 13, 2024

How to Prepare Your Soil for Sod in California

Looking for a successful sod installation in California? Proper soil preparation is key.  California’s diverse climate can impact soil conditions, so it’s important for homeowners and landscapers to assess and prepare their soil thoroughly before laying new sod.  The process of getting a new lawn is exciting, but if you want to lay the groundwork….

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Lawn Care / Feb 22, 2024

Month-to-Month Calendar for Lawn Care in California

Table of Contents January Lawn Care July Lawn Care February Lawn Care August Lawn Care March Lawn Care September Lawn Care April Lawn Care October Lawn Care May Lawn Care November Lawn Care June Lawn Care December Lawn Care Picture a lush, green lawn on your California property – it’s easier than you think! Our….

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Lawn Care / Feb 08, 2024

Overwatering or What? Why Your Grass Is Growing So Fast

Mastering your lawn care routine can be difficult, and it can be even more overwhelming to keep up with fast-growing grass. The average homeowner spends 70 hours per year caring for their lawn, and an estimated 54 million Americans mow their lawn each weekend. If your fast-growing lawn is only adding to that demanding landscaping….

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Lawn Care / Jan 31, 2024

America’s Best Landscaped Cities 2024

The Best Landscaped Cities in the U.S. 1. Seattle, Washington  The Best Landscaped Cities in the U.S. TPL Parkscore 5pts Ranked #8 Tree Equity Score 5pts Score 90 Public Art 5pts 400 pieces of public art Sports Facilities 5pts 200 public sports fields/facilities Bike Infrastructure 5pts 29 miles of protected bike lanes, 4 miles of….

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