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Lawn Care / Feb 22, 2024

Month-to-Month Calendar for Lawn Care in California

Picture a lush, green lawn on your California property – it’s easier than you think! Our month-by-month lawn care calendar makes it all very simple. Whether you’re a seasoned gardener or just starting, you’ll find practical tips for every season, from aeration to pest control to general cleanup. Key Takeaways Spring March In March, as….

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Lawn Care / Feb 08, 2024

Overwatering or What? Why Your Grass Is Growing So Fast

Mastering your lawn care routine can be difficult, and it can be even more overwhelming to keep up with fast-growing grass. The average homeowner spends 70 hours per year caring for their lawn, and an estimated 54 million Americans mow their lawn each weekend. If your fast-growing lawn is only adding to that demanding landscaping….

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Lawn Care / Jan 31, 2024

America’s Best Landscaped Cities 2024

The Best Landscaped Cities in the U.S. 1. Seattle, Washington  The Best Landscaped Cities in the U.S. TPL Parkscore 5pts Ranked #8 Tree Equity Score 5pts Score 90 Public Art 5pts 400 pieces of public art Sports Facilities 5pts 200 public sports fields/facilities Bike Infrastructure 5pts 29 miles of protected bike lanes, 4 miles of….

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Lawn Care / Jan 24, 2024

Why Is My Grass Different Shades of Green?

Many homeowners know and loathe the struggle of working diligently to maintain healthy grass only to see different shades of green, yellow, and brown decorate their lawns. You’re not alone if your grass can’t seem to decide between light green, dark green, and straight-up brown.  A few key problems might be at play, all of….

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Lawn Care / Jan 10, 2024

Should You Cut Grass Before a Storm in California?

A wet lawn is not one that’s fit for mowing. But what do you do when a storm is coming, and your grass desperately needs a trim? It’s a good idea to cut grass before a storm regardless of where you live, but it can be especially helpful in areas like California, where rainfall is….

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Lawn Care / Dec 20, 2023

Fremont Landscaping Requirements

The City of Fremont is one of the San Francisco Bay’s hidden gems. It’s bustling with life and growing numbers of properties, which also means more area is being landscaped than ever.  Property owners of all kinds are tasked with keeping up with the city’s rules and regulations. Below, we’ll look at what you need….

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