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Types of Sod / May 22, 2024

The Best Sod Variety for Your California Climate

In California, picking the right sod for your yard is all about knowing your weather. From the cool coast to the dry valleys and chilly mountains, each spot needs a grass type that fits just right. Want a yard that turns heads and saves water? Down south, Bermuda grass loves the sun and doesn’t mind….

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Types of Sod / Apr 25, 2024

Sod and Turf Types Ideal for Los Angeles, CA

Chasing the dream of a perfect Los Angeles lawn? The sunny vibes come with a catch. L.A. can get very warm and is prone to drought, so picking the right sod is critical.  Each type has its perks, from drought toughness to handling foot traffic. Plus, LA’s water rules mean thinking green’s not just an….

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Types of Sod / Mar 27, 2024

Native California Grass: Is It Right for Your Lawn?

California’s diverse landscape is adorned with a variety of native grasses, each playing a unique role in the environment. In addition to looking beautiful, natural grasses can help you save water, reduce pesticide use, and support wildlife.  So, if you’re looking to landscape your yard in a way that stays true to your California roots,….

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