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Drought / Oct 06, 2021

9 Drought Tolerant Grasses For A Tough & Beautiful Lawn

In many parts of the country, droughts are becoming all-too-regular occurrences. As more people are encouraged to water their lawns less to conserve water for drinking, bathing, and other vital tasks, more people are looking for drought tolerant grass species to help them make the most of dry conditions – without sacrificing the beauty of….

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Drought / Mar 10, 2017

Rain and Snowpack Bring Drought Relief to California

After living for five years in a drought of historic proportions, Californians are finally seeing relief from a dry spell that some thought might never end. A year ago, more than 90 percent of the state was in some level of drought. Today, thanks to weeks of record-setting rain and heavy snowpack in the north, less….

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Drought / Nov 11, 2016

Autumn Rains Relieve Drought Conditions in California

Nearly three years ago, California state officials issued a drought emergency which is still in effect today. Living for years with restrictions on watering lawns, filling pools, and even flushing toilets has been exhausting, but we have some good news. According to NBC, almost ¼ of The Golden State has been able to lower their drought….

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