Category: Weed Control

Weed Control For Your Lawn

When it comes to weed management, herbicide technology has revolutionized our ability to manage common turfgrass weeds. However, these granular powder and liquid marvels are just tools in an overall strategy for integrated weed management.  When we consider the use of incorrect herbicides or poor fundamental techniques such as mowing or watering with that idea….

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Pet-Friendly Weed Control

Commercial herbicides might do a pretty good job of killing weeds, but unfortunately, their toxic ingredients can be harmful to other organisms as well. Likewise, if you have pets or small children around the house, these chemical weed killers might not be your best option. Fortunately, we have plenty of other pet-safe methods of weed….

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Safe And Natural Alternatives to Roundup

You’ve made an investment in your new yard, and we are just as invested in helping you maintain a healthy yard that you and your whole family can enjoy for many years. Chemical herbicides might work well in many cases, but inappropriate use can harm beneficial plants, leech into the groundwater, and can have a….

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