How Much Does a Lawn Mower Cost in California?

July 4, 2024 ● Lawn Care

Everyone knows that a well-maintained lawn adds to the curb appeal of any home, but finding the right lawn mower at the right price can be tricky, especially in California.

An average lawn mower in California can cost anywhere from $100 for a basic push model to over $3,500 for a high-end riding mower. 

Are you wondering if you should go for a gas mower, an electric mower, or maybe even invest in a robotic one? Keep reading to learn how to make an informed decision that fits your lawn and budget.

Key Takeaways

  • Average prices vary by type, influenced by features and brands, with push mowers averaging $100 – $600, riding mowers $1,000- $3,500, and robotic mowers $800- $2,500.
  • Features such as power source, size, and advanced functionalities are critical in selecting the right mower.
  • When choosing a lawn mower, consider yard size, grass management, cutting width, power source, and maintenance needs to find the best fit for your                  landscaping requirements.

Types of Lawn Mowers

When shopping for the best lawn mower in California, knowing the different types available can make a huge difference.

Push Lawn Mowers

Push lawn mowers are a classic choice for many homeowners. As walk-behind mowers, they come in manual (reel lawn mowers), gas-powered (gas push mower), and electric variants.

Its average price range in CA is $100 – $600, depending on features and brand.

image of push lawn mower
Features Details
Power Source Manual, Gas, or Electric (Cordless/Battery-powered)
Best For Small to Medium Yards
Engine Brands Briggs & Stratton, Honda
Drive Type Manual, Electric, or Gas Self-Propelled Lawn Mower
Advantages Easy to use, lower maintenance, eco-friendly front wheel drive options available
Considerations Requires manual effort, may not suit large lawns

Riding Lawn Mowers

Riding lawn mowers are ideal for properties with a large lawn size. Some common types include lawn tractors and zero-turn mowers.

Its average price range in CA is $1,000 – $3,500, depending on features and brand.

image of riding lawn mower
Features Details
Power Source Gas or Electric
Best For Large Properties
Engine Brands Toro, Craftsman
Drive Type Hydrostatic, Manual Electric Start
Advantages Comfortable, less manual effort, efficient for large lawns
Considerations Higher cost, more maintenance, requires storage space

Robotic Lawn Mowers

Robotic lawn mowers are a modern solution for hands-free lawn care. They work best on well-maintained, open lawns with a shorter type of grass.

Its average price range in CA is $800 – $2,500, depending on features and brand.

image of robotic lawn mower
Features Details
Power Source Electric (Battery-powered)
Best For Small to Medium Yards with Simple Layouts
Engine Brands Honda, Worx
Navigation GPS, Sensors
Advantages Hands-free operation, programmable, eco-friendly
Considerations Higher initial cost, may struggle with complex terrain

Where to Buy Lawn Mowers in California

Finding the right lawn mower in California involves considering various purchasing options. Local retailers, online retailers, and second-hand markets each offer unique advantages.

Local Retailers

Local retailers in California allow customers to see and touch the equipment before buying.

Local Retailer Location Special Features
Home Depot Statewide Expert advice, maintenance services
Lowe’s Statewide Wide range, seasonal discounts
Ace Hardware Local stores Personal customer service

Online Retailers

Online retailers offer convenience and a broad selection. Popular retailer choices include:

Online Retailer Special Features
Amazon Competitive prices, customer reviews
Walmart Reliable delivery, range of choices
Home Depot’s website Same benefits as in-store shopping

Second-Hand Markets

Second-hand markets are great for those looking to save money without sacrificing quality. These can include:

Second-Hand Markets Special Features
Craigslist Wide range of options, local deals (just be sure to keep an eye out for scams)
Facebook Marketplace Easy to search, seller ratings
Thrift Shops/Garage Sales Hidden gems, negotiation possible

Which Lawn Mower Should You Choose?

To help you find a mower suited to your lawn care and landscaping requirements, consider this mix of practical tips:

  • Consider Yard Size: Push mowers or electric models are typically enough for small yards. Larger yards might require a riding mower, such as Troy-Bilt’s.
  • Grass Clippings Management: Look for mowers or trimmers to mulch, side discharge, or bag grass clippings. Each option has its pros and cons for lawn maintenance.
  • Cutting Width: A wider cutting width covers more ground quickly, reducing mowing time. Smaller widths are better for maneuvering around flower beds and tight spaces.
  • Power Source: Gas mowers are powerful but have emissions. Electric mowers are quieter and more eco-friendly. For consistent power, cordless battery models with long run times are a good compromise.
  • Lawn Maintenance Needs: If the lawn needs dethatching or aeration, consider models with these capabilities or look into lawn care services that offer these.
  • Emissions and Environmental Impact: Electric or battery-powered mowers emit less pollution. Gas models might have more power but also heavier emissions.
  • Wheel Size Consideration: High wheels are ideal for uneven terrain, offering better maneuverability. Low wheels suit flat surfaces, providing greater precision.