Modesto Sod

Make your Modesto home lovelier with a lush lawn from SodLawn.

Our company was founded in 1981, and what began as a small nursery and landscaping business grew along with our family. Today we’re all involved in this business, from grandparents to the little ones, and aunts and uncles, too! Our goal: bring you premium quality sod at competitive prices.

When you’re buying sod, you’re not just rolling out the green carpet – you’re investing in your home, business or property. Quality landscaping increases your property value and your curb appeal, and will make your property look more welcoming.

Your SodLawn product will look great as soon as you unroll it. Our sod comes from one of 12 California farms and is cut within 24 hours before delivery. We deliver right to your curb, and within the two-hour window that you request. Sod is incredibly easy to install, and you’ll see the benefits of having a green lawn right away!

The staff at SodLawn will treat you professionally and with respect, like a family. Contact us today for a free estimate.

If you have questions, please use the form at the bottom of the page.