Palm Springs, CA Sod

Looking to brighten up your lawn and create an area your family can enjoy from season to season? SodLawn sells the highest-quality grass sod in Palm Springs, California and the surrounding areas.

Whether you recently built a new home from the ground up or your existing grass has suffered from the elements for far too long, we can help you with our grass sod for sale that can be delivered and install for you.

From Tifway 419 (Hybrid Bermuda) that is strong enough to withstand the outside elements and heavy traffic to Elite Plus (90% Dwarf Fescue 10% Kentucky Bluegrass) that stays green all year round, we have a variety of Palms Spring sod options to choose from. Whether you are looking for a particular type of sod that is easy to maintain or you are looking for one most suitable to the climate conditions in Palm Springs (or both), you can find it here at SodLawn.

Our lawn care experts are the ones to trust with your home’s sod. If you are having difficulty choosing between two different types of sod, we break each one down for you in terms of appearance, maintenance, seasonal care and benefits.

From the sale to the delivery and installation, we make sure you are completely satisfied with our work and your overall sod experience.

Make your home in Palm Springs, California stand apart from the rest by choosing high-quality, fresh and long-lasting sod from SodLawn.

Learn more about our selection of grass sod for sale by continuing to browse our site or contacting us today.

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