Autumn Rains Relieve Drought Conditions in California

November 11, 2016 ● Drought

Nearly three years ago, California state officials issued a drought emergency which is still in effect today. Living for years with restrictions on watering lawns, filling pools, and even flushing toilets has been exhausting, but we have some good news. According to NBC, almost ¼ of The Golden State has been able to lower their drought restrictions thanks to heavy autumn rains.

If you’ve spent much time Southern California, you know that rainy days are few and far between. There are only about 36 days of rain per year in Los Angeles. That’s compared to about 113 days of precipitation in New York City.

The rains that have hit Northern California may have ended the drought for certain parts of the state, but some water officials are skeptical that the reprieve will last. One wet autumn does not make up for years of drought. But, this is the first time in more than three years that this much of the state is not under drought restrictions.

For the most part, residents have been taking the drought in stride—opting for drought-resistant plants in their yards, replacing their old toilets in favor of new models that use less water, and conserving water usage overall. While this has been a frustrating few years for people who have especially large lawns to maintain, the lifting of drought regulations in Northern California is a good sign that perhaps the worst of the drought is behind us.

If you live in Southern California and want to give your lawn a makeover with fresh, locally-grown sodcontact us at Sod Lawn today. We have drought-resistant sod options that can be resilient if the dry weather continues. In the meantime, we’ll continue to hope for more precipitation in the near future.