How to Keep Your Lawn Green

April 13, 2020 ● Lawn Care

Managing your lawn and garden to keep it weed, disease, and pest free can sometimes be a complex process. With a little work, there are ways to customize an approach and plan to maintain your specific needs. It is important to become educated on the different problems you may be encountering, whether it is insects, weeds, diseases, or weather. It is also important to research possible options to treat the problems, keeping in mind your specific yard, cost, and severity of the problem.

Analyze Your Issues

First, you need to thoroughly analyze what your issues are. Evaluate what your main concerns are (weeds, pests, etc.), and what is important to you, such as keeping pests from your garden or weeds out of your lawn. After you determine what your problems are, you will want to begin looking into solutions that will both cure your current issue and prevent it from returning. This is where management can get complex, but still manageable.

You want a plan that can treat all problems while working together. For example, insects can occur at different times of the year, sometimes at the same time every year, sometimes sporadically, and some may cause problems throughout the year. Some of these pests can be taken care of before they are seen, while others can only be taken care of once they have begun to show themselves. The same issues can be seen with weeds and diseases in your turf. Warm or damp weather may encourage these to come out of dormancy and spread rapidly. A well thought out plan to manage your lawn at the right time is key.

Lawn Care Products

Next, you will begin looking into the various products available. The goal is to have pest and weed control all season long that is both environmentally safe and cost effective.

You will need products that match your problems, that is their duration, whether they are preventative or curative, and how they may affect your turf. Again, matching all these qualities may be a challenge, but rewarding in the end.

In regards to environmental effects, products on the market today have been developed under strict regulations and mandates. They exceed standards and criteria for human health, safety, and the environment. Current products have low toxicity levels that are no longer highly toxic to people, wildlife, and pets.

With the right research into both your lawns needs and the products that would best suit you, the management of your turf can be highly successful and fulfilling.