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Why Natural Grass is Better Than Artificial Turf

On the surface, artificial turf may seem appealing for a number of reasons (less watering and maintenance), but after further research these reasons are actually misconceptions. There are a number of reasons why artificial turf is far inferior to a natural grass lawn. Sanitation A top reason why artificial turf is not the best choice….

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How Sod Farms Grow Grass

Cultivating sod is a labor of love that requires a great deal of patience and attention to detail. For their product to be marketable, sod farmers must be careful to grow turf that’s healthy, robust and weed-free. This is easier said than done, particularly when sod farms grow many different types of turf to accommodate….

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The Most Drought Tolerant Sods

There is ever increasing concern over our depleting water sources. In addition to this concern, California has been faced with a serious drought this year. (2014) At SodLawn, we provide sod that is not only drought tolerant but also aids in water conservation. Some of our sod types require up to 30% less water and are constantly….

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